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Version: 2.0.0-beta.0

πŸ“¦ plugin-content-pages

The default pages plugin for Docusaurus. The classic template ships with this plugin with default configurations. This plugin provides creating pages functionality.


npm install --save @docusaurus/plugin-content-pages

If you have installed @docusaurus/preset-classic, you don't need to install it as a dependency. You can also configure it through the classic preset options instead of doing it like below.


module.exports = {  plugins: [    [      '@docusaurus/plugin-content-pages',      {        /**         * Path to data on filesystem         * relative to site dir         * components in this directory will be automatically converted to pages         */        path: 'src/pages',        /**         * URL route for the page section of your site         * do not include trailing slash         */        routeBasePath: '',        include: ['**/*.{js,jsx,ts,tsx,md,mdx}'],        /**         * No Route will be created for matching files         */        exclude: [          '**/_*.{js,jsx,ts,tsx,md,mdx}',          '**/*.test.{js,ts}',          '**/__tests__/**',        ],        /**         * Theme component used by markdown pages.         */        mdxPageComponent: '@theme/MDXPage',        /**         * Remark and Rehype plugins passed to MDX         */        remarkPlugins: [],        rehypePlugins: [],        /**         * Custom Remark and Rehype plugins passed to MDX before         * the default Docusaurus Remark and Rehype plugins.         */        beforeDefaultRemarkPlugins: [],        beforeDefaultRehypePlugins: [],      },    ],  ],};


Read the i18n introduction first.

Translation files location#

  • Base path: website/i18n/<locale>/docusaurus-plugin-content-pages
  • Multi-instance path: website/i18n/<locale>/docusaurus-plugin-content-pages-<pluginId>
  • JSON files: extracted with docusaurus write-translations
  • Markdown files: website/i18n/<locale>/docusaurus-plugin-content-pages

Example file-system structure#

website/i18n/<locale>/docusaurus-plugin-content-pagesβ”‚β”‚ # translations for website/src/pagesβ”œβ”€β”€└──